Cayman Island red snapper

For my graduate school graduation, my parents took me on a much needed vacation to the Cayman Islands. It was an incredibly relaxing and beautiful time that was spent snorkeling, sitting on the beach, and eating lots of seafood. I think I ate fish at least once a day, every day. Dining out on Grand… Continue reading Cayman Island red snapper

Homemade orange cranberry sauce

Happy Thanksgiving! This year Pat and I are spending Thanksgiving by ourselves. I had to work yesterday, so we didn’t have time to get anywhere, but we are still going to make the entire Thanksgiving feast for just the two of us, including my Mawmaw’s cornbread dressing! Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce. You… Continue reading Homemade orange cranberry sauce

Veggie packed salad

Thanksgiving is coming up and most of us are going to binge eat turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie and whipped cream and will probably wake up with a bit of a “food hangover” on Friday. (Food hangovers are real – I’ve had one!). You’ll probably grab your stomach and say “I’m never eating again!” But you… Continue reading Veggie packed salad

Grilled avocados topped with shrimp and mango salsa

I don’t recall where I saw the idea for this recipe, but I know I saw a recipe for a shrimp stuffed grilled avocado topped with mango salsa. I said “That looks so tasty!” and I decided to make it. When it’s assembled, I think it looks really fancy, but it’s actually so simple to… Continue reading Grilled avocados topped with shrimp and mango salsa

Pressure cooker chipotle beef tacos

Pat and I bought a pressure cooker from Walmart because we wanted to buy a slow cooker, but we thought why not buy something that is a slow cooker AND a pressure cooker. We bought the Farberware pressure cooker instead of the Instant Pot. After reading the reviews online, it seemed like the Instant Pot… Continue reading Pressure cooker chipotle beef tacos