Creamy broccoli and potato soup

If you follow this blog, you will have realized by now that I love soups and stews. I eat soup any time of year. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I made this soup a while ago and I’m just now getting around to posting about it that it is the pinnacle of Summer. While it… Continue reading Creamy broccoli and potato soup

Sweet potato and chickpea soup with spinach and harissa peppers

Do you ever just all of the sudden think of an idea for a recipe? No looking online at other blogs or trying to be creative. The recipe just exists in your head like it’s something you’ve been cooking for ages. That is how this recipe came about. I made it just how I saw… Continue reading Sweet potato and chickpea soup with spinach and harissa peppers

Veggie Mexican quinoa casserole

Recently, Pat and I bought a pressure cooker which can double as a crockpot. While I was searching for some pressure cooker or crockpot recipes, I found this one for¬†crock pot Mexican quinoa casserole¬†online and decided to give it a try. To be honest, I don’t really like crock pots (but I love the pressure… Continue reading Veggie Mexican quinoa casserole

Coconut-lime shortbread cookies

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but my workplace has a weekly event called “Cookie Hour” where one person brings some sort of sweet for everyone to share. People that are on the list put in varying amounts of effort from just buying them at the store to making elaborate creations. I ALWAYS bring something homemade.… Continue reading Coconut-lime shortbread cookies