Waffle toast – Recipes from home

My Dad has never liked waffles, but likes the idea of a waffle – a crispy carb with butter and syrup on top. So instead of waffles, he used to make toast, smash it down with a fork, put butter and syrup on it and eat it like a waffle. My parents one day bought a waffle iron and instead of making waffles, my Dad would just put bread and butter in the waffle iron, squeeze it shut and viola – waffle toast!


My Dad used to make waffle toast for me as a child and once I could make it for myself, I made it ALL the time. I remember eating it mainly with just butter and I remember it being the best thing ever.  Waffle toast takes what is good about toast – the crispy, crunch, butter soaked part and increases the surface area by indenting the bread, making every little piece a delight. I remember methodically eating it by tearing each little square off, savoring each bite. When I was last home, I of course had to make waffle toast to feed myself and my nostalgia. Pat had also never tried waffle toast, so I had to show him the way.   IMG_9374

Pat with his waffle toast and fried eggs.

So next time you want a little snack, just pop a piece of bread in the waffle iron and enjoy! The key to making it REALLY good is using way more butter than you think you need. Trust me – you don’t be disappointed.

Waffle toast

Serves: 1
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 3 minutes

2 pieces of white bread, sourdough or any sliced bread
1-2 tbsp butter

Heat up a waffle iron with a tightly space waffle iron plate. Place two pieces of bread, overlapping slightly. Dab with butter on top. Close the waffle iron, cooking for about 3 minutes or until the light goes off on the waffle iron.

Eat straight out of the waffle iron, make with some eggs, or top with more butter and syrup.


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