Swedish meatballs with creamy garlic mashed potatoes

I am a huge Seinfeld fan. I have seen every episode many times and I own every season on DVD. Because of this, I celebrate Festivus every year, which is on December 23rd. For those of you that don’t know what Festivus is, it is a holiday that Frank Costanza made up because he was… Continue reading Swedish meatballs with creamy garlic mashed potatoes

Orange, pomegranate, avocado salad with candied almonds

Y’ALL – this is quite possibly the BEST salad I’ve ever made. It’s so tasty and just bursting with flavor! Sweet orange slices, tangy pomegranate kernels, crunchy toasted candied almonds with avocado and feta on a bed of greens – what’s not to love? I made it just before Christmas and said – this would… Continue reading Orange, pomegranate, avocado salad with candied almonds

Creamy broccoli and mushroom pasta

Pat loves pasta with red sauce, so it is difficult to convince him to have alfredo sauce instead. After I made him this pasta, he changed his tune! He said that it was very good for non-red sauce pasta. You may be thinking – broccoli in pasta? Pass! Think again! It’s actually really good. Broccoli… Continue reading Creamy broccoli and mushroom pasta

Creamy mushroom and wildrice soup

I am currently on a soup kick. When I’m planning meals for the week, I have to limit myself so we aren’t eating soup for every meal. I used to not think soup was a viable option for dinner – that it would be too light and I would get hungry. However, I have found… Continue reading Creamy mushroom and wildrice soup

Mom’s “Health Salad” – Recipes from home

Growing up, my Mom would always name recipes that aren’t healthy with “health” in front of them. For example, when she cooks bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, she calls it a “health breakfast”. Another example is this salad – with processed deli meat and cheese in it, it is not exactly “healthy” yet it… Continue reading Mom’s “Health Salad” – Recipes from home