Creamy broccoli and mushroom pasta

Pat loves pasta with red sauce, so it is difficult to convince him to have alfredo sauce instead. After I made him this pasta, he changed his tune! He said that it was very good for non-red sauce pasta. You may be thinking – broccoli in pasta? Pass! Think again! It’s actually really good. Broccoli… Continue reading Creamy broccoli and mushroom pasta

Creamy mushroom and wildrice soup

I am currently on a soup kick. When I’m planning meals for the week, I have to limit myself so we aren’t eating soup for every meal. I used to not think soup was a viable option for dinner – that it would be too light and I would get hungry. However, I have found… Continue reading Creamy mushroom and wildrice soup

Pat’s zucchini, mushroom and cheese enchiladas

When it comes to Mexican food, Pat has lots of opinions. He grew up in San Diego eating burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. all the time from taco trucks. So when it came to making any of these, I had a lot to learn. Vegetables don’t go on tacos – it’s only meat, cilantro and onions.… Continue reading Pat’s zucchini, mushroom and cheese enchiladas